Conference Design Hub #China Design. The cooperation network in a field of creative sectors between Poland and China


Design, along with other creative industries, has become more globalized in recent years. There is evidence showing that many important developments in design and other creative industries take place now in almost all parts of the globe. These industries are also globally interconnected or integrated as so-called global production networks are emerging as an important way the creative activity is organized. People, firms, places, cities and nations are becoming nodes of these network. Being connected to the global network helps them to gain the competitive edge.

The latest Creative Economy Outlook (2019) presented by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recognizes exceptional performance of China in the global creative economy. The case of China is remarkable for several reasons: its sustained growth over the past three decades; the shift toward global production in China; its dominance of the world market for trade in creative goods and services; and its role in sustaining both the regional and global creative economy. Design is the most important part of this economy with 75% share of total Chinese creative goods exports.

The aim of the conference is to introduce the Chinese design market, present the most interesting trends in design and architecture, show the role of media and promotion, as well as demonstrate the importance and strength of design competitions. Moreover, we will present forms of co-operation within the network and the role of networking. We intend to identify the most important events in China, showing a culturally diverse creative market in China.

The conference will be followed by a debate. During the conference we will discuss the possibilities of co-operation of the Polish and Chinese creative industries. We will also talk about the opportunities and risks associated with it, such as cultural differences, media involvement or knowledge of historical background and legal conditions. We also intend to touch on issues related to the project, such as the chances of promoting Poland through design in China.

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9.00 am -10.00 am Registration of the participants
10.00 am -10.20am Welcome & Introduction to the Design Hub Platform and the conference. Andżelika Jablonska / prof. UAM dr hab. Krzysztof Stachowiak
10.20 am -10.40 am– The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Local Dimensions / prof. UAM dr hab. Przemysław Osiewicz

Panel I – International exchange in the creative industries: Cultural Exchange and Business Cooperation in the design field

10.40 am – 11.00 am Cultural Exchange and Business Cooperation under Belt & Road. 16+1 Framework. Jing Yao HUANG, The Founder /CEO of 16+1 Cultural Industry Development Corp and the Director general of 16+1 Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries
11.00 am – 11.20 am The comparison between Europe (Poland) and China (Chengdu) in the Design Field.  HE Chang, Mavis Director, Chengdu International Culture & Art Center (CDIA)
11.20 am – 11.40 am Factory regeneration and design interventions in 751D.PARK, Beijing. Miranda Yan, The director of DJDW 751 Design Festival Beijing.
11.40 am – 12.00 pm To Bulid – China and Asia. James Wei Ke
12.00 pm – 12.20 pm China Design Centre: sharing the unique Chinese design stories to the world. Shirley Chen.
12.20 pm – 1.00 pm Dyskusja / Q&A
1.00 pm – 2.00 pm przerwa / lunch

Panel II – Connecting people and businesses through the power of design: tools and solutions

2.00 pm – 2.20 pm On art & design in the public realm. Monika Domańska. Traffic Design.
2.20 pm – 2.40 pm  New technologies as an important element of cooperation in the field of creative sectors. Piotr Majewski. MOOV /
2.40 pm – 3.00 pm The Emerging Rise of Chinese Design. Dai Bei, The Chief Editor Sina Home China
3.00 pm – 3.20 pm Architectural Design Market in China. Shen Jianghai, Founding Partner of DAGA Architects
3.20 pm – 4.00 pm Q&A