An interview with Yuan Huahua

An interview with Yuan Huahua, artist and painter from Jiangxi province. She graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. Currently, she lives and works in Haikou, Hainan province.

What art is for you?

Art is a way of observing and understanding the world. It is form of expression – through paintings, sculptures, etc. What makes art really unique is the fact that it is a kind of faith that guides you to what kind of person you will become.


And what do you think art means for Chinese people?

Art is not only indispensable to Chinese people, any nation can’t really endure without art. It makes life full of fun and meaning.

So what does art mean for the whole country?

The development of art also reflects the degree of economic development and civilization of a country. When the economy develops to a certain extent, people begin to think about the meaning of life and pay attention to art, pursue it.


Does art have an impact on the people watching it?

Of course, art inspires every person who looks at it.

So how does it affect people?

Art affects every single aspect of people’s life. In my opinion modern life cannot be separated from art and design.

In that case, do you think art and design can solve social problems?

I feel that art and design can’t solve the fundamental problems of society, but it can for sure affect the way it is shaped.

In China you can often see art in public spaces. Do you think it should appear there?

I am sure it should appear in public places. Art is needed in public places. This is a symbol of culture identity.

So how can we use art in public spaces in the city?

Depending on the specific functionality and location of urban public space, different connotations will be defined. Mostly required are design works that reflect the regional culture and character of this area.

And how do you think design affects society and users?

Design allows users to better understand what they are trying to convey in order to achieve some effect.

Why is it important to society?

It will influence and change a certain way of society’s behaviour.

I know that Chinese design is strongly related to national culture and history. Could you explain how are they connected?

Chinese culture has a long history and different cultures in different regions. The difference makes China’s design show its richness. The design is inseparable from the culture behind it. It is the soul of design, so Chinese culture is designed. The form expresses its characteristics.Chinese culture has a long history, and there are many differences in cultures in various periods and regions. This differences allow Chinese design to extract end express its richness. Design cannot be separated from the tradition which stands behind it – culture is the soul of design. Therefore, Chinese culture expresses its features in the form of design.

So what do you think is crucial for good understanding Chinese aesthetic and design?

Understanding Chinese culture and way of living is fundamental. You need to learn and experience many aspects of lifestyle, habits and behaviours.

I know you’ve been to Europe, you know a lot about western art and design. How is aesthetic different in China and in Europe?

This is primarily a cultural difference. That cultures give symbols totally different meanings, define them in other way. Cultural codes are different, so their usage in design works also varies a lot.

What do Chinese people like in design and art?

China has a very large area, and specific preferences will vary from region to region. I think that the most important thing in that case is that good design works should be relevant regardless of borders.

The interview was commissioned by, author: Maria Prusakowska, Hainan, Chiny, 2019